Well Integrity

Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD) Tool

A corrosion measuring tool primarily run through tubing with the unique ability to simultaneously inspect the tubing and the casing behind it (AER Directive 051). This allows for the integrity of the casing string to be evaluated with neither the requirement for a costly workover rig or the time-consuming removal of the tubing string.

Multi-Finger Caliper (MFC) Tool

Provides direct, accurate, and reliable measurements of internal casing diameters. Used in both drilling & production environments. Applications include – evaluation of corrosion, erosion, wear, bending, buckling, pits, holes, and other defects with high accuracy. It can also be used to measure build-up of scale, paraffin, and other mineral deposits in the wellbore. Both the MTD and MFC tool can be ran together to offer a complete internal and external evaluation of the casing string.

High Definition Radial Cement Bond (RCBL) Tool

This tool is designed for larger casing sizes. The high sector azimuthal resolution (up to 22.5°) provides details necessary for identification of channeling, voids, and other bonding irregularities in casing sizes 7” or larger.


  • E-line conveyed operations
  • Tubing conveyed perforating (TCP)
  • Through tubing perforating, RTG & Sho-gun
  • E-coil perforating
  • RF safe & addressable options
  • Time delay perforating

Plug Setting

  • Bridge plugs (Baker 5-10-20)
  • W/R plugs
  • Packer setting operations
  • Dump bailer operations (mechanically or electrically conveyed)
  • Gauge ring / junk baskets
  • RF safe operations

Pipe Recovery

  • Chemical cutters (e-line or coil tubing deployed)
  • Jet cutters
  • String shot
  • RF safe operations


  • GR-CCL correlation logging
  • Casing patch confirmation logging
  • Temperature logging (Up to 260° and pump down capabilities)

Third Party Operations

  • Gyro & Sonar tool deployment
  • MWD deployment
  • Down hole camera deployment
  • Down hole tractor deployment